Jillian carlock is an artist currently based on the Jersey shore, Best known for creating deliciously-technicolor distractions from reality on a variety of surfaces. she is a recent graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art & Design with a BFA in Painting. These ebullient acrylic works are an ongoing exploration of transforming color & shapes of the mind into something purely discernible. Carlock crosses the line of comfortability into an entirely new realm of visual excitement using vibrant colors stemming from her personal case of synesthesia (a condition where auditory frequencies coincide with perception, causing slight, visual reactions to certain sounds.) as well as her fascination with all things sweet and bright, inspiration is Pulled from irregular compositional sources such as natural light & shadow from all walks of life. each visual structure slowly emerges into a chaotic, yet stimulating experience for any viewer to take a tangy bite out of. 

Email:      CARLOCKJILLIAN@Gmail.com