Jillian Carlock is a practicing artist currently WOrking out of the jersey shore. She has earned her BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art & Design. In her spare time, she specializes in creating intricate colorful visual indulgences; applying her paintings to a variety of surfaces such as canvas, grip tape, cars, fabric, etc. Jill has exhibited work in major cities across the country such as Los Angeles, Boston, Brooklyn, and Cleveland- among others. She yields experience in a wide spectrum of mediums such as graphic design, digital painting, drawing, and textile design. Her ongoing fascination of how the human eye behaves through a variety of lenses is what drives each piece toward the finish line; whether or not it will actually make it there. Jill’s work holds many forms, mainly due to the chaotic nature of each piece requiring a strong foundation, as well as environment. Constantly studying the relationships between color and light in her every day life brings new ideas to the surface, giving Carlock never-ending motivation to illustrate a world that just may lie beneath the greyer and muddier reality that we all know so well. 

Email:      CARLOCKJILLIAN@Gmail.com