Jillian carlock is a recent graduate of massachusetts college of art and design with a bfa in painting. her exuberant works are an ongoing visual investigation OF pushing the limits so far that perhaps, they ARE capable of being bent. Crossing the line of comfortability into a new form of visual excitement. inspiration is drawn from light and shadow effects on reflective surfaces, 80's & 90's design elements, artificial colors, synesthesia, modern architecture, flower arrangements, as well as her fascination with all things sweet. using irregular patterns and shapes coinciding with a familiar color palette throughout her body of work, she creates prismatic portholes into this Continuous, dramatic candy-coated realm. a brief distraction from reality that holds the viewer hostage like a guilty pleasure. alongside painting her more traditional canvas pieces, she is up for any customary challenge that there is to offer- from surfboards, cars, furniture, griptape, and murals as well as textile work. 


Email:      CARLOCKJILLIAN@Gmail.com